Well I am happy to report that the Novarel shot that I gave myself last night was easy, virtually painless and no big deal! Yay!  I totally psyched myself out for no reason.  My sister gave me a REALLY good tip (that I hadn’t heard anywhere else) to clench the muscle first so that you can actually feel where the shot needs to go.  Because it’s an intramuscular shot, it has to go not just under the skin but into the muscle.  That tip helped me so much because I think if I hadn’t done that I would have injected in the wrong place.

Mixing the injection was interesting, and a bit complicated.  You get two vials, one with “bacteriostatic water” and one with the Novarel powder.  You insert the needle into the water vial and withdraw 1ml of water.  Then you inject the water into the vial of powder and swirl it around until it’s completely dissolved.  Then you switch out the needle for the one you’re going to inject with.  Withdraw the medicine from the vial with the new needle and do the injection.  I was so worried I was going to screw up that whole process, but I got it figured out.

They tell you to hold the needle like a dart and put it in quickly.  Once I had the needle in my hand it took me about a minute to work up the courage to stick it in.  Once the needle is in you hold it in place so it doesn’t move around, pull back slightly on the plunger to check if any blood comes in, and if it doesn’t then you’re all clear to inject the medication.  Easy peasy!  I thought for sure I was going to do it wrong but in the end it was very easy.  I felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment after it was all over!

This morning I took another OPK and sure enough, thanks to the trigger shot, it was a very strong positive! Just for laughs I also took a pregnancy test so that I could see the positive result show up.  It was pretty amusing to see that, even if it wasn’t real! (The trigger shot is hCG, aka the pregnancy hormone, so when you inject it into your body, any pregnancy test you take will show up as positive, even though you aren’t really pregnant yet.)

So I go in to the doctors office next Friday to check my progesterone level, but that’s about it for this cycle!  Now we just let nature take it’s course and pray that we are blessed with a baby this time!

strong positive on the opk this morning

strong positive on the opk this morning

faint positive on the hpt this morning.  it's funny to see this, even though i know it's a false positive!

faint positive on the hpt this morning. it’s funny to see this, even though i know it’s a false positive!