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Well I got the call from the nurse with my results from this morning.  My estrogen level today is 775, and I have 3 follies that are maturing nicely.  One measures at around 17, one at 16, and one at 15.  So they want me to take the trigger shot (Novarel) tonight.  Eeeeeek!

(It did get delivered today with no problem and my husband was nice enough to put it in the fridge for me!)

I’m totally psyching myself out about this.  I’m sure it won’t be as bad as I’m imagining it to be, but STILL.  I have to give myself a shot in the butt!  Ahhhhh!  My sister the RN told me to hold the needle like a dart and to do it fast, that it will hurt less that way.  I think what I’m afraid of most is doing it too slow or too hard and causing myself so much pain that I freak out and don’t follow through and finish the injection.

I can’t keep thinking about that though.  I need to just focus on getting it done.  Then my hubby and I are supposed to BD tomorrow and Saturday.  Then the dreaded two week wait begins. Fun times!