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Last night I gave myself the second dose of Follistim.  I think I was so nervous for the first one that I didn’t really feel much pain or anything–it really didn’t hurt at all.  Well, I don’t know what happened with this second one but MAN did it hurt!  I know they say to put the needle in at a 90 degree angle and I think I had it tilted a bit so I don’t know if that made a difference.  The first one I did on my right side, about an inch away from my belly button.  Last night I switched to my left side, but did it about 2-3 inches from my belly button so I don’t know if the difference in placement makes a difference either.  Oh well, I’m glad I’m done with those for now at least.

Next comes the Novarel injection.  It’s supposed to be delivered to my house today, although I don’t have a tracking # for it, so I hope it gets delivered with no problem.  I’ve had many issues in the past with packages not getting delivered to my house when they were supposed to, so I sincerely hope this one goes ok.  The Novarel is my trigger shot for this month, which (if it’s the same as the Ovidrel) I’ll take in the evening of the day when I get a positive OPK.  Today is cd14, and I did take an OPK this morning but it wasn’t positive yet.  It was close though, so I think it may be positive tomorrow or Saturday.  I am so NOT looking forward to this shot though.  My husband freaked out last night at just seeing the tiny needle for the Follistim, and I know he won’t be able to handle the bigger needle for the Novarel.  Which means that I have to find a way to give myself the upper butt area injection on my own.  I’m having visions in my head of a gigantic needle jabbing into my skin…..ouch.  I wish my sister was in town right now (she’s an RN) so she could do it for me.  I’m worried that I’ll chicken out!

This morning I went back to the doctors office for another ultrasound and blood test.  The ultrasound tech told me that I had one follie at around 17 on the right, one around 15 and one around 12 on the left.  So that’s good that they’re getting bigger.  Hopefully they continue to grow in the next day or two.  My husband doesn’t really share my views on this, but I would be perfectly happy to have twins.  If that did happen, I think we would be done having kids after that.  So I’ll be really happy to release more than one egg, LOL!  Who knows if that will happen though.  Anywho…I’m just waiting now to get the call from the nurse with my results from this morning.  I expect to hear something by this afternoon, but I don’t expect any earth shattering news.


today's opk.  almost, but not quite there just yet.

today’s opk. almost, but not quite there just yet.