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So this month marks 18 months of my husband and I trying to concieve (TTC).  Way back in July of 2013 we found out that my Dad had stage IV pancreatic cancer.  My husband and I weren’t even married yet (our wedding was about 4 months away), but we decided to start trying for a baby immediately in the hopes that my Dad might get to meet our baby.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get pregnant in time, and my Dad passed away in June of 2014.  We still kept trying though, and in July 2014 we started seeing a fertility specialist.  I won’t get into all the details of the initial tests and consultations because they aren’t important, so let’s move on to the treatment.

July 2014 I took my first round of Clomid, at 100mg per day.  That’s also the month I started having ultrasounds and blood tests fairly frequently, for the purpose of monitoring my ovaries and follicles while on the Clomid.  My body responded well to the Clomid but I didn’t get pregnant.  Same thing again in August 2014.  September 2014 we were going to do an IUI, and I followed the same protocol as in August.  Unfortunately, I was “over stimulated” and at a high risk of multiples (triplets anyone???), so we had to cancel treatment for the rest of the month.  October 2014 we reduced the dose of Clomid to 50mg per day, and added a trigger shot of Ovidrel on ovulation day.  My husband and I were on vacation in Florida on O day, and I was nervous about giving myself a shot so I had him do it for me.  Unfortunately, still didn’t get pregnant in October.  November 2014 we decided to take a month off from everything, so no Clomid, no shots, no ultrasounds, nothing.

Now we come to the present month!  My cycle for December 2014 started on the 5th, and I went in for my baseline monitoring (blood and ultrasound) on the 8th.  My husband and I had a consultation with our doctor on the 11th to go over everything that has happened up to this point and our options for the future.  We decided that I would do one or two more rounds of just the fertility drugs before moving on to a procedure of some sort.  The difference for this month is that I will do Clomid, plus injections of FSH, and a trigger shot.  So on day 7 I started taking Clomid again (50mg), and finished on day 11.  Today is day 12, and I had another monitoring appointment early this morning, and picked up my FSH from the doctors office.  The nurses were kind enough to give me samples so that I wouldn’t have to pay for the FSH (fertility drugs are expensive!).  I’m currently waiting for the call to get the results from my ultrasound and blood this morning, and to find out the exact plan for taking the FSH, and the hCG shot later on.  The ultrasound tech said my ovaries looked good and that I had 8 follicles on each side, with one or two larger ones per side, so I take that to be a good sign.  So now we just wait for the phone call!